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Weather may Truly Affect Arthritis Pain

Faces Pain Scale

Adapted from Reuters Health

People talk about it all the time. Arthritis pain gets worse with weather changes. A recent study published in Pain Journal last month tracked hip arthritis pain and stiffness as weather changed.

More than 60 percent of patients with osteoarthritis say that weather conditions, such as rain, barometric pressure and temperature have an impact on their pain and stiffness, according to the study.

The researchers gathered weather reports for the days the patients filled out the questionnaires. The information gathered from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute included average temperature, wind speed, hours of sunlight, rainfall, humidity and barometric pressure.

The average starting (WOMAC) pain score was 23.1 (scale 0 to 100; no pain=0; worst possible pain=100). The study found that pain scores worsened by 1 point for each 10 percent increase in humidity.

The least clinically relevant change in WOMAC score is considered to be 10 points. Weather changes could only account for  6 points at the most. This means that although some people notice the change, they may not necessarily need something done for it.

After all, some patients, it turned out, may be truly sensitive to the weather.

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