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Doctors and Tech: Who Serves Whom? – Atlantic Mobile


The Atlantic ,

published March 2014.

If you want to discourage a worker, subject them to policies and procedures that don’t make sense.
Unfortunately, this is being widely applied today in medicine. Changes in healthcare payment systems, the use of information technology, and the doctor-patient relationship have left many doctors deeply discouraged.
Consider these examples.
A physician taking a patient’s history points and clicks a computer form to record information, but many parts of the patient’s story are lost because they don’t fit the template.
A physician trying to learn more about a patient’s prior hospital admission can’t find the information she needs because the record is an example of “note bloat”.

My personal (Shafic Sraj) take on electronic records-
While I am a strong advocate of encorporating technology in medical documentation, I find myself forcing my note into the electronic format available, and not able to find a format that would fit into my way of recording a medical note There is a lot more to put in a note than filling and editing templates. Building and customizing your own is restricted, difficult, and time-consuming. I hope this is just growing pain, and that a day will come when I won’t have to spend as much effort entering information into the medical record. Hopefully before it is time to retire, that is…

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