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Dear Visitor,

I welcome you to my website, a mix of hand, elbow, and shoulder educational material that is meant to be simple and straight-forward, and uses familiar everyday terms. It also includes some fun and not-so-serious UpperExt FrontPagefacts and news, mostly under the ‘News and Updates’ section on the right-hand column.

I am a fellowship-trained Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon. My background is Orthopedic Surgery, and I am also fellowship-trained in Orthopedic Sports Medicine. I emphasize a healthy and active life style and put a lot of value into building a partnership with my patient. Open communication and understanding the problem and treatment options are very important. I do not tell the patient what needs to be done, but rather help him/her make an  educated choice based on  individual needs.

I created this website to provide my current patients with a good refresher of some of the discussions we had in clinic and to familiarize my future patients with my practice. My purpose is to aid the reader to understand some of the more common conditions of the hand and upper extremity, and provide my patients with information they can check and share with family and friends after they have left my office. I use simple language and illustrations, and I try to avoid scientific terms to the best I can. This information is not meant to be complete, and represents my personal way of explaining things. For my Mission and Vision Statement, as well as my disclaimer, Click Here.

  I cannot provide medical advice without a formal medical evaluation.

 Shafic Sraj, MD

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