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Paying with your phone? It will soon be old fashion: It’s the age of the palm reader

Adapted from the Wall Street Journal

Amazon thinks paying with your palm may be the next cool thing. You won’t have to pull out your credit card nor your phone. Just scan your hand and you’re all set!

You actually hear with… you Wrist?!

A New Device Lets You Feel Sound https://www.wsj.com/articles/hearing-loss-a-new-device-lets-you-feel-sound-11567691822

AAOS’s Innovation Theater a Huge Success

I am very pleased to share that our first-time Innovation Theater has been a huge success. I am proud to be a member of the AAOS Exhibits Committee and the chairperson for the Innovation Theater Sub-committee.

The image of the human hand encoded in DNA!

From the BBC

Researches chose the image of a human hand, representing the first form of human painting, to be the first DNA encoded image in a living form!
They inserted DNA sequences that represent the image into the genome of bacteria. Later, They decoded the sequences  into an image using a computer algorism with at least 90% accuracy.

The original DNA-coded image and the decoded image

The Robot with a Soft Touch

Adapted from NPR

Cornell University just made a robot hand with a soft touch. it is not just soft, but it can also sense the shape and texture of what it comes into contact with.

Welcome to the growing field of soft robotics.

For more information about soft robotics and their development with human interaction, follow this link.


Hand and Upper Extremity Clinical Practice Guidelines

Presenting my findings on “Hand and Upper Extremity Clinical Practice Guidelines” at the Cleveland Clinic 16th Annual New Technology in Upper Extremity: The Cutting Edge, with Advancing Translational Research

Fixing sharp edges on a cast with a glue gun

wp-1460471115474.jpgMy patient  showed me today a neat trick to cover up the sharp edges of a Fiberglass cast.

She simply used a glue gun. The glue holds very well. In this case, for over a week. The edges are soft and it holds well to fiberglass. No more catching on clothes. She has not tried it close to her skin, and if you do want to try it, be careful not to burn yourself.

3D-printed prosthetic hand throws first pitch

From Sports Illustrated

Five-year-old girl, born with a hand birth defect, threw the first pitch for Baltimore Orioles using her 3D-printed prosthetic hand. The hand was designed and printed at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Follow the link to watch the pitch!

Presenting ” A Simple K-wire Fixator for Phalangeal Fractures”

At the15th Annual New Technology in Upper Extremity Surgery, the Cutting Edge, Cleveland OH.

Your Chef is: a Pair of Robot Hands!

Adapted from NPR

Tim Anderson, a freelance chef who won the BBC’s MasterChef competition in 2011, donned a special pair of gloves and started cooking. Those were motion sensor gloves, and his moves were being recorded and coded- and the data was fed into the all new Robot Chef!

Anderson taught the robot how to prepare stir fry, sushi, steak, pasta as well as crab bisque. The plan is to teach the robot about 2000 dishes before releasing it to the public.

But don’t give away all your cookbooks just yet. The robot chef costs about $15,000.

At the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons


MotionSavvy Is A Tablet App That Understands Sign Language | TechCrunch

Adapted from TechCrunch

There are plenty of things to take for granted in this life, and the ability to communicate with
others is one of them. This may not be as easy of a task for the deaf. While they can communicate using sing language, the vast majority of people around them do not understands it or ‘speak’ it, making the deaf’s ability to communicate limited to the few who can.

With technology comes opportunity, though- MotionSavvy is building a tablet case that has the ability to translate American Sign Language into English and vice versa. The entire 6-person team is deaf.

The case has 3D motion recognition, which detects when a person is using ASL and converts it to text or voice. The software also has voice recognition through the tablet’s mic, which allows a hearing person to respond with voice to the person signing. It then converts their voice into text, which the hearing-impaired receiver can understand.

The current prototype only understands about 100 words. The team’s plan is to crowd-source the “massive” number of signs necessary to make this an effective tool. There are many thousands of signs in ASL alone, and various different “accents” or ways it is spoken.

Over 800 deaf people have signed up for the beta test, and hopes are that a consumer-ready product will hit the market in September 2015.

“This will give deaf people the power over their lives, the power to lead the lifestyle they want to have,” The team explain.

Mini-BioReactor inside your body!

Adapted from ScienceDaily:

Creating new bone tissue generation technique -- ScienceDaily

Researchers from University of Texas, Arlington are investigating whether bone can be grown inside the body using one’s own stem cells. This relies on using biodegradable polymer scaffolding material, mixed with bone morphogenetic protein, or BMP, which was used to attract stem cells that in turn produced bone. The process has been successful in lab experiments on mice.

The procedure has a huge potential with bone defects, bone infections, fractures that fail to heal, congenital bone conditions, as well as bone tumors.

Horse-Athletes Benefit from Arthroscopy

From AAOSNow

Arthroscopic surgery being performed in a racehorse


When we think of athletic injuries, we automatically think of human athletes, ans sports injuries. The first thing that come to mind is recovery and return to competition. These concerns are equally valid of animal athletes, most notably racehorses. Rather than retiring following athletic injuries, many Thoroughbreds return to the track thanks to innovations achieved in veterinary medicine and progress made in repair techniques and postoperative therapy and rehabilitation.


NOT IMPOSSIBLE’s 3D Printing Arms For Children of War

Heart Warming!

Some people 3D- print weapons. Others 3D-print arms.

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