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Mission, Vision, and Disclaimer

Mission and Vision Statements

It is my mission, and that of my office, to provide high-standard Orthopedic service for the Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder to the residents of North Central WV and surrounding regions by offering high quality and up-to-date surgical and non-surgical care, while remaining faithful to an individualized doctor-patient relationship. It is our duty to continue to review the way we deliver such care to match and exceed the demands and expectations of our patients and to play a vital part of the musculoskeletal health of our region.

Our vision is to evolve into a regional center for the care of the Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder, and establish a state-wide reputation and beyond.


Visitors to this site will find selected information provided as supplemental reading material for my patients and interested readers. Please remember that the information found on this site is not meant to be complete and does not substitute for individualized evaluation and treatment. I do not guarantee the adequacy, usefulness, or completeness of any information found here or linked to from this website. Over time, I will try my best to keep all information up-to-date but I make no such guaranties.

This website is not meant to provide individualized responses. I would be glad, though, to add topics that are of interest to readers as time permits. I assume no responsibility for its use without consultation with a qualified health professional. Visiting this website does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

I receive no financial benefits for providing the information on this website.

Please feel free to communicate with me and provide feedback about content, display, and overall experience with the website.

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